Rates & Policies

Listed below, you will find rates that go into affect with the July 2018 billing cycle. If you do not find the information you need, please contact our office and we will provide it for you.



Standard Residential Water Rates

Monthly Water Base Rate:
Monthly Water CRP FEE:
(Capital Replacement Projects Fee)
$ 31.11
$ 15.41
Tier (gal.): $/748 gal.:
0 - 11,220 $1.42
11,221 - 14,952 $1.64
14,953 + $2.19

Our community's water meters are read each month on or as close to the 15th as possible. Please contact our office for any additional information.

Standard Residential Sewer Rates

Monthly Sewer Base Rate:
Monthly Sewer CRP FEE:
(Capital Replacement Projects Fee)
$ 45.77
$ 17.42

CRP Funding

CRP sands for "Capital Replacement Project" it is a portion of the bill that is deposited into a seperate account to help pay for infrastructure repairs throughout the district. So when applying for State and Federal grants, it is a requirement to show funds available for repair and replacement. This rate is line itemized on your bill for tracking purposes.

Beginning July 2016 billing cycle their will be an annual increase of $2.00 and 3% per service to fund CRP. For further information please contact our office.

Other Billiable Fees

            Updated: 11/16/17
            REF: Resolution No. 17-28
Standard Fees / Charges
All Modifications Effective July 2016
Administrative Fee (Minimum of $100 or actual time at and hourly rate whichever is greater) $100.00
After Hours Service Call Out           $150.00
Annual Back Flow Prevention Device Inspection and Testing Fee     $45.00
Delinquent Turn Off Fee           $100.00
Foliage Removal Fee             $37.50
Grease Trap Reinspection Fee           $70.00
Illegal Cross Connection Fee           $500.00
Illegal Tamper Fee (Minimum of $100 or actual repair and replacement cost whichever is greater) $100.00
Inspection Fee             $96.00
Late Charges $10.00 or 10% of current charges whichever is greater
Meter Reset Fee (Minimum of $100 or actual repair and replacement cost whichever is greater) $100.00
Returned Check Fee             $32.00
Service Forfeit Disconnection Fee   (Minimum of $100 or actual repair and replacement cost whichever is greater) $100.00
Service Forfeit Reconnection Fee   $100.00
Service Reduction Reinspection Fee         $96.00
Transfer Fee (New Owner / Tenant)         $50.00
Turn On Fee             $100.00
Terminate Notice/ Door Hanger                $25.00
 Sewer Cap - MHP                                               $50.00
Bulk Water Rate
Bulk Water is billed at a rate of $10.00 per 100 Cubic Feet or a minimum of $10.00 per load which ever is greater. This service will be billed upon receipt of usage/consumption. This service is provided at the Clearlake Oaks Fire Station stand pipe and only authorized key holders are to use it. 
If for any reason this service appears abused it can and will be discontinued!