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Lead and Copper Sampling

I would like to take a minute to explain in depth about the letter you received from the District regarding the 2019 Lead and Copper Sampling, or the lack thereof.  Lead and Copper is one of approximately 70 samples taken annually by the District every year as mandated by the Sate and Federal Government.  In addition, this number does not include the weekly and monthly samples that are taken.  Unfortunately, from time to time, a sample may be overlooked, however, when this happens the District is notified by the State and the missing sample is taken to ensure continued safe drinking water.  I have found District records dating back to 2003 for Lead and Copper testing with 0 detection (ND).  I deeply apologize for the concern this letter has caused and please rest assure, the District takes great pride in serving safe drinking water.

Dianna Mann, General Manager